TRACIE SHANNON -  Energy Healer, Spiritual Channel

TRACIE SHANNON is a Spiritual Coach and Animal Intuitive located in the Southern Berkshires.
Her offerings combine discussion, energy-based bodywork, crystal re-balancing, energy management, Spirit messages and Life Purpose exploration. A client described her session:   

Tracie holds regular Mindfulness Meditation groups and her “Conversations with Spirit” events have garnered an enthusiastic following.
Tracie is also a Certified HeartMath™ Intervention Practitioner. She provides clients with tools and techniques that help increase self-awareness, emotional self-regulation, cognitive resilience and reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress. She also brings this knowledge to her work as a Senior Instructor with The Equus Effect - a program which helps Veterans, people in recovery, and women build healthy, authentic relationships at home, work and school through meaningful engagement with horses. 

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