TRACIE SHANNON -  Energy Healer, Spiritual Channel

Has your life become unbalanced by drama and chaos? Have your animal’s behaviors and voices gone from sweet and endearing to frustrating, inconvenient, and stressful? Have you lost focus of your heart – body – mind connection? Animals often mirror our inner thoughts and emotions through their voices and body language.
Animal Heart Wisdom is an exploration back into the wisdom of the heart using our animals as teachers and guides. Animals are sentient beings that live in the present moment with non-judgmental compassion. They often remind us when we become distracted, and when given the opportunity, will elicit a calming affect on the humans around them. A challenging situation now has the opportunity to become manageable even peaceful but we must be willing to listen with an open heart.
Have you ever noticed your dog or cat playfully interacting with you or another family member, watched your horse’s interactions or peacefully grazing and how it can captivate your attention in a split second? Do you remember a time when you saw an animal in your backyard or cross the road in front of you and you stopped to take in the beauty of the moment? Maybe you witnessed a red fox with a big bushy tail, a beautiful buck, a flock of turkeys ushering its young across a busy road. Can you remember feeling a sense of peace, tranquility or joy come over you while witnessing these natural happenings?
These are the moments when the animal kingdom captures our attention, helps us redirect our focus away from the constant chatter of our mind and we enter into a state of peaceful awareness. It’s as if everything else fades away in that one small moment happening outside of you.
When we chose to have animals in our lives as pets, or otherwise, we picture what life will be like with them. We imagine how we will feel, how they will joyfully and playfully interact with us but then the situation or vision changes because the animal chose to react differently. Occasionally disappointment sets in because we set our expectations in motion and didn’t take into consideration our animals lives and journeys. Maybe those expectations and disappointments were always there you just weren’t aware of them until the animals brought them to your attention.
When we slow down, refocus our attention on our breath and heart-center this simple shift in perspective begins to change the way we experience life and the animals. Our emotional state shifts, our heart rate moves into a more rhythmic pattern and our nervous system rewards us with a calmer more peaceful feeling of awareness. What if you could access this awareness more consistently on a day-to-day basis? 

I am not an animal trainer but a Transformational Facilitator and Animal Intuitive who helps women reclaim their power through experiential heart-centered partnership with their horses and/or dogs. If you are ready to transform your life with assistance from the animals this unique opportunity will help you transcend ancient belief systems that no longer serve you, reconnect you with the wisdom of your own heart-center, establish clear boundaries with yourself and others, and bring a sense of peace and well-being back into your life. For more information or to schedule a free consultation click “Contact”. 

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