TRACIE SHANNON -  Energy Healer, Spiritual Channel

Through my new offering called Animal Heart Wisdom I will show you how you can come to understand for yourself what the animals are trying to communicate about how to rebalance and recharge your body, mind and heart. Animals are sentient beings that live in the present moment. They take their experience of themselves and us with complete openness and a lack of hidden agendas. 

They never wish they were someone or something else. Rather, they accept reality with complete heart-centered openness that gives them a lens through which they see us more objectively and clearly. In order to access this wisdom of the animal heart, we must be willing to slow down and listen. 

I am a Spiritual Coach and Animal Intuitive working with 
spiritually driven women and healers who want to:

• Break free from limiting beliefs
• Feel more empowered in your relationships
• Access heart-centered awareness more consistently
• Become more influential in your personal and professional lives

For a free consultation or more information on how this
life changing experience can transform your life,    
click "Contact Me".


Animal Communication for Life Purpose
Duration: 45-60 minutes / Price $150 USD

I will work with you to help you connect with one
of nature's greatest messengers, the Animal Kingdom. This session
is about connecting with the animals in your life and learning the
meaning associated with their interactions and/or behaviors.


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