TRACIE SHANNON -  Energy Healer, Spiritual Channel

Energy Management Session
Duration: 75-90 minutes / Price $170 USD

Tracie will work with you one-on-one addressing your current concerns.
Session will begin with discussion and may include work with crystals,
hands-on energy-based bodywork, and Channeled Intuitive Guidance.

Channeled Guidance Only
Life circumstances can lead us to uncertainty, anxiety and indecision. 
Tracie will relay Channeled Guidance about your questions or concerns in a
positive, supportive manner that will provide affirmation that we are all 
connected and on that level, all is well. 

Duration: 50-60 minutes 
 $150 USD - per person

Animal Communication for Life Purpose
Duration: 45-60 minutes / Price $150 USD

Tracie will work with you to help you connect with one
of nature's greatest messengers, the Animal Kingdom. This session
is about connecting with the animals in your life and learning the
meaning associated with their interactions or behaviors.

For more information or to book a session please
click "Contact Me"


A cancellation notice of 24 hours is required.


Gift Certificates are available.

I, Tracie Shannon, will gain insight using my intuitive awareness.  The Intuitive Guidance I provide are for guidance only. What you decide to do with the information I give you, including any actions you take, is your own personal responsibility and choice.  Any "message" is only an opinion from the communication.  Tracie Shannon shall not be held liable regarding any action or non-action taken by the client in reference to the information presented during the session.

For legal reasons, I have to advise you that Intuitive Guidance Sessions are for entertainment purposes only.  All Sessions and questions answered should at no time be regarded as a substitute for professional services.  It is advised that you seek advice from the appropriate qualified expert in matters regarding legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact.

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